24th April, 2004

From Mr Ayman Jallad, Lebanon

Need for alternative TV channel

I am a reader of your magazine , and director of an NGO in Lebanon called theHumanitarian Group For Social Development (HGSD), concerned with the environment and poverty eradication. We have also a program on anti- globalisation in Lebanon. Our interest world wide is in the corrupt relationship between TNCs and western governments , a subject that should be more in the light and which is leading to economic globalisation , wars, global warming, loss of biodiversity , forests and fisheries, increased poverty , and concentration of wealth in fewer hands, capital volatility ...etc and almost all present day ills.

One main concern is that present day media especially in the USA has become more and more the voice of the elite people in the government who, under the direct effect of oil , arms and other TNCS are becoming more and more power hungry and have disastrous ambitions of controlling the world by force.

The people in the street are in the dark , hearing only the distorted truth from mainstream media.

There should be some way to boost up the alternative media , which now reaches very few people - maybe in the thousands - while it should reach in the millions , in a country like USA which has become a real threat to life on this planet .

I would appreciate your thoughts and comments on the subjects, to see if any thing could be done.

Maybe a coalition of alternative media organization, like Indymedia , Znet and others could create a satellite channel that will broadcast over US and EU or  if anyone has any other ideas , please let me know

Ayman Jallad can be reached at mailto:hgsd@cyberia.net.lb