From Victor Wallis 9th May, 2003

Appeal to help with legal expenses of US political prisoner, from Mr Victor Wallis, Massachusetts, USA

I am happy to report that the Appeals Court last week "reversed and remanded" Richard Flood's conviction!

Although Richard has been locked up for more than two years as a result of the incident in which he rescued his wife, he can now look forward to being released within the next few weeks.

His release is not immediate for two reasons: 1) the Prosecution is allowed a period in which to demand another chance; 2) there is a further problem arising from the fact that the original incident occurred while Richard was on parole.

Despite these problems, the victory is significant. Richard's attorney, Michael Deutsch of the People's Law Office, was successful in showing that the prosecution had prejudiced the jury against Richard by introducing unfounded allegations involving supposed drug use on Richard's part.

Our fund appeal from last summer raised over $6,000 of an originally

projected total of $12,000 for Richard's legal expenses. Some additional charges (beyond the projected figure) might now arise in connection with negotiations around the above-mentioned "parole-violation" problem.


Anyone who would like to respond immediately (which would be especially desirable if you plan to go away sometime soon) is strongly urged to do so. Checks should be made out to People's Law Office Clients' Fund, with the notation "Richard Flood", and should be mailed to:

Victor Wallis

411A Highland Ave. (# 321)

Somerville, MA 02144

In response to the earlier appeal, we offered a CD of Richard being

interviewed by Noelle Hanrahan of KPFA (who also records all the broadcast tapes by Mumia Abu Jamal). New contributors who would like this CD, please let me know.

As a further bonus, to all contributors who now send $50 or more, I will send, upon request, a copy of the latest issue of Socialism and Democracy, a 400-page special issue entitled Radical Perspectives on Race and Racism, which includes Richard Flood's article "Towards a Theory of Revolutionizing Street Nations".

My renewed heartfelt thanks to all contributors. Without the expert legal representation that you made possible, the good news that I now bring would never have come.

In solidarity,


If you are a new or occasional reader who has not followed the course of Richard Flood's case, you can read about it at