From Mr Victor Wallis, Massachusetts, USA

We received this letter from Victor Wallis during the Christmas holidays. This is the first chance we have had to publish it. If you don't know the background to Richard Flood's incarceration, tap his name into our search engine to find previous articles and letters.


Dear Friends,

Not since I announced Richard Flood's release on parole (in early August) have I sent you an update. The reason is that for much of this time I did not have news of his whereabouts, and only now do I have an address to give you for him. I am sorry to say that the address, at least for the next few months, is again within the Illinois prison system.

To fill you in briefly: Richard's parole conditions amounted to house-arrest until the end of September. He had to get permission any time he needed to go out. Under these adverse conditions, he nonetheless managed to return to his trade as a construction worker. But in mid-September, when he got permission to attend a family event, the permission was somehow not recorded, and he was charged with having violated parole. He eluded recapture for a couple of weeks but was then re-arrested, was held for another period of weeks in the Cook County jail (Chicago), and then was sent back to prison, where his address is:

Reg. No. B -56680

P.O. Box 900

Ina, IL 62846-0900

His letter to me from the prison says only that the conditions are very repressive and that he is eager to receive literature. I presume that the usual restrictions apply, i.e., any publications have to come either from the publisher or from a bookstore (with sales slip if possible).

I had several phone-conversations with Richard before he was returned to prison. Needless to say, he is acutely disappointed at this turn of events, as is his family. He will need a lot of moral support to survive this ordeal and to emerge from it definitively when he is once again released.

I will notify you of any major new developments, but in the meantime I hope that, whether by letters or by packets, you will let him know that he is not forgotten.

In solidarity,

Victor Wallis