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Against the Current (USA) sponsored by Solidarity with the aim of promoting dialogue among the activists, organisers and serious scholars of the left. "We promote the vision of socialism from below, of a revolutionary, working-class, multinational and multiracial, feminist and antibureaucratic socialist movement." Go to this website for back copies, subscription details etc.

Cuba Si is the official quarterly journal of the UK Cuba

Solidarity Campaign. Latest issue contains articles on the Miami Five, five Cubans jailed in June for allegedly spying, despite the fact that the activities they were accused of related to right wing terror groups who have long targeted the island. Plus the usual wide range of articles on various aspects of life in Cuba, and on CSC's own campaigning activities, as well as the Cuban governments response to September 11. and a special section on Trade Unions for Cuba. Go to for subscription details and more information.

The Civic Media Center is a non-profit library and reading room of the non-corporate press. Go to to see for yourself.


is a moderated listserve which distributes the weekly column "Focus on the Corporation," co-authored by Russell Mokhiber, editor of Corporate Crime Reporter, and Robert Weissman, editor of Multinational Monitor magazine. To subscribe to Corp-Focus, go to this website Or, you can send an e-mail message with "subscribe" in the subject line of the message. Focus on the Corporation scrutinises the multinational corporation - the most powerful institution of our time. Once a week, it reports and comments critically on corporate actions, plans, abuses and trends. Focus on the Corporation covers globalization and corporate power; the double standards which excuse corporations for behaviour (e.g.,causing injury, accepting welfare) widely considered criminal or shameful when done by individuals; trends in corporate economic blackmail, political influence and workplace organisation; industry-wide efforts to escape regulation, silence critics, employ new technologies or consolidate business among a few companies; specific, extreme examples of corporate abuses: destruction of communities, trampling of democracy, poisoning of air and water; and the corporatisation of our culture.

Change for a Buck

Change for a Buck is a series of audiocassettes of leading progressive thinkers, which as the name suggests, cost a dollar each inside the US. From the same people who do JusticeVision. See our News update for 19th January 2002 in the News Archive, or for more information email


is a newly-launched anti-authoritarian newspaper in the upper midwest of the United States. Its first issue (Fall, 2001) deals with America's "New War", Arab-American Internments, Civilian Casualties, bio-terrorism, anti-war info, anti-terrorism bill, local news, opinion, action, events, and more! Copies are available through the mail for 2 dollars. Daybreak is also looking for reliable distributors especially outside of the Twin Cities, its own region. Contibutions are welcome. Write to Daybreak Anarchist Collective, PO Box 14007, Minneapolis MN 55414, or email , or visit their website

Direct Action
(UK) Uncompromisingly anti-capitalist quarterly carrying news, comment and notices of upcoming actions. "For a global community based on mutual respect and solidarity". See website

The Democrat

British monthly left wing Anti-EU magazine. Journal of the Campaign Against Euro Federalism(CAEF), founding member of The European Anti-Maastricht Alliance(TEAM) and affiliated to Campaign for an Independent Britain and Congress for Democracy. Also produces regular pamphlets on the single currency, Euro-imperialism and the drive to war. New publications available on African resource wars, the euro and the national question. All available from 57 Green Lane, Merseyside, CH45 8JQ email

or see the website

European Race Bulletin

Published quarterly by the European Race Audit Project of the UK-based Institute of Race Relations (of Race and Class fame), each issue provides an in-depth look at a particular issue. Bulletin No 38, for example, published in the autumn of 2001, is on "Asylum seekers, welfare and the politics of deterrence". This includes both essays and a look at developments in various European countries, directly concerned both with the particular theme and with other aspects of racism. Go to or write to for more information.

FRONTLINES "The newspaper of the left" (San Francisco) Current issue COVER STORY: ASHCROFT DISSAPPEARING ACT This magician must go! The story of thousands of disappeared in America. Repressive legislation, reactionary measures, raids, massive violations of civil rights, anti-immigrant legislation...and articles on the Taliban in Guantanamo, John Walker Lindh on trial, US aid to Israel, organising amongst San Francisco cab drivers, Venezuela, Colombia, and much more. Plus local San Francisco area news. Subscriptions are 25$ per year (12 issues) in the US, $40 for the rest of us. Send check/money order to Frontlines, 3311 Mission Street, Suite 25 San Francisco, California 94110 Email for more information.

Green Left Weekly

Australia's socialist newspaper provides news, information, opinion and debate from an environmental and left perspective. Committed to human and civil rights, global peace and environmental sustainability, democracy and equality. Launched in 1990 by the Democratic Socialist Party, the socialist youth group Resistance and other progressive activists to present the views excluded by the big business media, GLW is now Australia's leading source of local, national and international news, analysis, and discussion and debate to strengthen the anti-capitalist movements. Go to

Historical Materialism "Research in Critical Marxist Theory"

Volume No. 8, Summer 2001, focuses East Asia; Volume No. 9, Winter 2001 contains a roundtable discussion with Peter Gowan, Leo Panitch & Martin Shaw on the state and globalisation. Historical Materialism seeks to reappropriate and refine the classical Marxist tradition for emancipatory purposes. It promotes a genuine and open dialogue between individuals working in different traditions of Marxism and encourages an interdisciplinary, international debate between researchers and academics. Historical Materialism sees itself as encouraging a new generation of Marxist writers and researchers. Future issues will focus on Africa, fantasy, the visual arts, Empire, anticapitalism, film, dialectics, the American working class, modes of production, sexuality and postcolonial fascism. Go to for full details.

Islip Unity Group Political Newsletter

committed to Communist and Left Unity is the monthly of a group set up after the dissolution of the CPGB. Contains articles on British and international affairs. Write to for details of subscriptions etc.


independent news collective which helps distribute and promote numerous left titles including many listed in this guide. Go to for news of such INK members as Direct Action, Peace News, Statewatch, The Big Issue, Corporate Watch, Labour Research, New Left Review and many more.

International Viewpoint Published in conjunction with the French-language Inprecor, IV, the monthly magazine of the Fourth International, provides comprehensive coverage of international affairs from a left oppositional standpoint. Visit the website , email or write to:IV, PO Box 112, Manchester M12 5DW, England for subscription details and other information.

Iranian Workers' News
monthly newsletter of the Solidarity Campaign with Iranian Workers. Available in pdf. format at Covers a side of Iranian social, economic and political life almost entirely ignored by the corporate media: the courageous and dynamic struggles of organised labour. The newsletter, set up to seek the support of international organisations, trades unions and other workers' organisations throughout the world for the struggles of the Iranian working class, is one of the best bulletins of its kind we have seen. Non-sectarian and well-written, it tells of a country where workers must strike not for better pay and conditions, nor even to hold on to what they have, but simply to get wages owed to them, to have the right to organise at all, to have any access to the means of survival. Write to to subscribe to the electronic newsletter.

Liberation, monthly journal of the group of the same name, originally founded in 1954 as the Movement for Colonial Freedom. "Great advances have been made, but old empires have been replaced by new forms of imperialism. Transnational corporations now subjugate and exploit millions of people in the interests of profit." UK Subscription rates £12/unwaged £6, overseas rates add £5. Write to for more information. See website


Journal for the post Cold War left; a journal that rejects the Stalinist distortion of the socialist project; a journal that takes into account ecological questions; a journal that is taking steps to unify and bring together the forces for socialism in the world today; a journal that aspires to unite Marxists from different political traditions because it discusses openly and constructively. Links seeks to promote the international exchange of information, experience of struggle, theoretical analysis and views of political strategy and tactics within the international left. The journal does not present a single line. It is pluralist, open and very much a discussion forum. Links develops and marks out the space for genuine socialism. It hopes to not only bring together active socialists from different countries and different continents, but to unite socialists coming from different traditions-the traditions of the pro-Moscow Communist parties, Trotskyist parties, Maoism, the left wing of national movements, left forces breaking with social democracy, and activists from social movements who have come to realise the need for a party. Go to

Labour Left Briefing (UK) is an independent voice and forum for socialist ideas in the Labour Party and trade unions. It has been steadfast in its opposition to the series of wars launched by the US and NATO in the last decade and campaigns against racism, the corporate and neoliberal agenda, the undermining of democracy in the Labour Party and trade unions, and on a host of other issues. Appears monthly. Go to website or write to for subscription details and more information


(UK) Quarterly concerned with covert operations, conspiracy research and the interface between politics and the secret state. Write to or go to for more information.

Monthly Review, is North America's best and longest-established Marxist monthly. Subscriptions begin at $65 (US) $75 (int.) , currently (Oct 2001) with special free book offer. Go to their website for more about the mag that, set up as the Cold War was dragging the US down into madness and close to fascism, survives to fight the new insanity of 2001. Since Seattle, MR has devoted itself to publicising and aiding the burgeoning new movement against neoliberal globalisation. Issues have focused on the growth of working class debt, the women's movement, the lessons of the 1960s civil rights struggle, prison conditions and the death penalty, the Kyoto Protocol, the globalisation of the corporate media, Plan Colombia, and the search for new socialist alternatives. Spectre's absolute favourite journal - subscribe and we're sure it will soon be yours, too.

Montelibre Monthly

, Denver, Colorado's alternative newspaper, with outstanding coverage of United States, Latin American, Cuban and world affairs, included translated articles from otherwise unavailable (in English) sources internationally. One year subscription, $20, 2-year sub $35, write PO Box 40399, Denver, CO 80204, USA, Fax (01) 303 716 5932

Multinational Monitor

, a magazine edited by Robert Weissman, an example of whose work appears elsewhere on this website, is offering one-year subscriptions to new US subscribers, or for gifts, for $15 - a $10 discount from the normal one-year subscription rate. Multinational Monitor appears 10 times a year (monthly, with two double issues). Founded by Ralph Nader, it is the leading source of critical reporting on the activities of multinational corporations and the international globalising institutions -- the IMF, World Bank and WTO. If you want to get a sense of the magazine, older issues are archived here. You can rush right now and take advantage of this offer by clicking here and ordering on-line through a secure server. You can also call in credit card purchases. Contact Katie Auerbach at (01) 202-387-8030. Or, send a check or credit card information to Multinational Monitor, PO Box 19405, Washington, DC 20036, USA For readers outside the US, go to the website for contact details for overseas rates

The Morning Star is Britain's daily socialist newspaper and possibly the last such in the English-speaking world. Traditionally associated with the Communist party, it is owned by some 30,000 members from many walks of life and political strands. In the words of its own ad, "You can buy a 'quality' daily newspaper that is pretentious, gives you a hernia trying to carry it from the newsagents, gets through a rain forest in paper every day, and reports the same news as all the other rags. Alternatively you can buy the Morning Star: it can report whatever it likes because it doesn't have to bow down to big business advertisers. It tells stories about working people because it is owned by working people. Day in day out there is only one daily paper telling real stories about real people." It is also excellent value at 50p, and easier to get hold of then it used to be. If you don't find it at your local newsagents, however, it's worth ordering. For more information write to Morning Star, Cape House, First Floor, 787 Commercial Road, London E14 7HG, Tel(00 44) 2085100815 Email or visit the website

Onward, anarchist newspaper carries news, opinion, theory, and strategy of today! Single issues just $2ppd! (Cheaper in bulk) Want to contribute, distribute, or subscribe...? Write us at PO BOX 2671 Gainesville, FL 32602-2671 USA. Go to to find out more.

Peace News
The international and independent antimilitarist magazine for nonviolent activists and campaigners. Published in print version and online, with special online news service and tools and resources section. Peace News has been published from Britain since 1936 and continues a lengthy tradition of action-reporting, discussion about nonviolence, and of sharing information and tactics from a wide range of perspectives. UK residents can pay by cheque or bank draft made out to "Peace News", in £ sterling and drawn on a British bank or building society. Others pay by cheque made out to "War Resisters International" in local currency for the following countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand and USA (see subscription rates below). Canada residents pay by cheque made out to "Ken Simons (Peace News)" in C$. Or pay by GIRO transfer to the WRI giro account number 585 20 4004 in Britain Subscription rates: EU €25 (€40), Britain £10 (£20), Canada C$ 36 C$ 60, New Zealand / Aotearoa $45 ($75) USA $25 ($45), All Other Countries £15 (£25). These rates are all for one year (4 issues). Rates in parentheses are for supporting subscriptions, for those who can afford to make an additional contribution to the work of the paper. Libraries and other organisations: please contact us for details of institutional subscription rates. Go to the website for more information about the magazine and what it stands for.

Peace Matters

"working for peace without violence", is the quarterly magazine of the Peace Pledge Union, the oldest non-sectarian pacifist organisation in Britain, and UK affiliate to the War Resisters' International. For more information and subscriptions, go to the website

Resources for Radicals. Written and compiled by Brian Burch, a Toronto based writer with a lengthy history of political activism and community education work. Authors whose works are included range from Emma Goldman to Brian Martin to Starhawk to Leo Tolstoy to Elizabeth Gurley Flynn to Henry David Thoreau to Petra Kelly to Kurt Vonnegut to Ann Hansen. Publications listed ran the gamut from Ahimsa to Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed to The Catholic Worker to Earth First! Journal to Co-op America Quarterly to Waging Peace. The overall focus is on material related to effective non-violent protest and practical alternative social institutions. It is available from Toronto Action for Social Change. The price (including postage and handling) is: $12.00 Canada; US $13.00 U.S.; US$15.00 Rest of the World. Cheques should be made payable to Toronto Action for Social Change. Orders should be sent to: Toronto Action for Social Change P.O. Box 73620, 509 St. Clair Ave. West Toronto, Ontario M6C 1C0, Canade. More information from

Speed the Plough
is the occasional newsletter of Trident Ploughshares, a campaign to disarm the UK Trident nuclear weapons system in a nonviolent, open, peaceful and fully accountable manner. Write to Trident Ploughshares at or go to the website

The Spokesman (UK)
was founded by Bertrand Russell, but you don't need to be a philosopher to read it. In its pages you will find a stimulating mix of opinion on politics, peace, and human rights issues. There is also an extensive reviews section You can get further information and a free issue by going to the website

Statewatch (UK)

covers the state and civil liberties in Europe including policing, immigration and asylum, secrecy, the law, racism, prisons, Northern Ireland, security and intelligence. Great coverage of the EU's stealthy assault on what's left of democracy. Six times a year. Go to the website for subscriptions and more information.

Socialism and Democracy is a semi-annual publication of the Research Group on Socialism and Democracy. A theoretical journal which is nevertheless accessible and always informative, S & D had a splendid edition in Spring-Summer 2001, on Cuba in the decade following the Soviet collapse. The magazine is particularly useful for its discussions of developments in Latin America and the middle east, and essays on the development of Marxist theory and socialist practice both historically and in the face of contemporary challenges. For copies of past issues and/or a subscription call (01) (617) 776-9505 or write to 217 East 86th Street (# 143) New York, NY 10028, USA . Single copy and subscription rates for individuals are: single copies $8; four issues (two years) $28; for libraries and institutions: one year $25; two years $45. Subscribers outside North America add $2 per issue. For Canada, add $1 per issue; Or go to the website

Shout! Monthly -
a radical ejournal of international affairs and politics. Website

Trade Union Review
"The rank and file, non-aligned, trade union journal". Essential reading for trade union activists in the UK, Trade Union Review provides detailed coverage of developments in the labour movement, of industrial disputes and other union activities at a time when the mainstream press all but ignores them. Attacks "corruption…ineffective and quiescent practices by unions more interested in maintaining a living for their officers than defending the interests of their members." Dedicated to the development of "a movement much more capable of improving the lives and livelihoods of ordinary people". Write to TU Review, 2 Hartington Place, Carlisle CA1 1HL, England or mail Subs are £10 per year (10 issues) and multiple copies can be ordered at a discount. No details of overseas prices given, so enquire first.

Voices in the Wilderness
UK, campaigns for the immediate and unconditional lifting of economic sanctions. Go to website for more information about the campaign, its newsletter and other publications, and what you can do to help save innocent Iraqi lives

War Times The pilot issue of War Times , a new biweekly newspaper opposing the "war on terrorism," will roll off the press on February 14. Featuring an exclusive interview with Danny Glover and a letter to President Bush from Nobel Peace Prize winner Rigoberta Menchu, the premiere of this bilingual, free publication will be distributed in several dozen cities across the USA. War Times need your help to extend the paper's reach even further and lay a durable foundation for long-term publication. Contact them at to see what you can do to make this valuable venture a success