Dennis de Jong

On Mayday, let’s demand a reset - Workers’ Rights 2.0


“…workforces the world over are being played off against each other via so-called crowdworking platforms.” New technology is being used, once again, to deprive people of their right to a de

Juncker – Will he, won’t he?


The knives are being sharpened. British Prime Minister David Cameron doesn’t want Jean-Claude Juncker as president of the European Commission, but German Chancellor Angela  Merkel stands right behind ‘her’ candidate. The European Parliament is even threatening a veto if he doesn’t get the job, because the centre-right group – mostly Christian Democrats – the European People’s Party, is again the biggest group and so the voter has spoken.

Rays of hope for the economy?


During the last few weeks the Chairman of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, has announced that there are cautious signs of recovery in the eurozone as a whole.

Doublespeak in Brussels

25-11-2012 • Recently we voted at the European Parliament plenary in Strasbourg on a report on the European Monetary Union.

Barroso loses the plot


Last week it was a case of ‘here we go again’. In a forced attempt to come over as the ‘President of Europe’, Commission President Jose Barroso delivered his ‘State of the Union’ address in Strasbourg. According to Barroso the time has come for a ‘Federation of Nation States’. A banking union, an economic union and a political union must be quickly brought into being.

Leading by example?


Last month two developments came together to demonstrate how inconsistent Brussels can sometimes be.

Greetings from Homophobia, where not everyone is welcome


Euro-MP Dennis de Jong of the radical left Dutch Socialist Party (SP) has begun a summer ‘post-card’ action against homophobia throughout Europe.

European solidarity


September 29th will see  a major demonstration by trade unions in Brussels.

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