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Corruption in Ukraine scales new heights of plunder

Victor Yanukovych’s party, like that of Tunisian dictator Ben Ali, is allied to the EU member states social democratic parties.

MEPs to evaluate turmoil over Paraguayan coup


German United Left (GUE/NGL) MEP Jürgen Klute will take part in a European Parliament delegation to Paraguay from 16 to 18 July to assess the impeachment of Pres

The Challenges of the Greek Left after the Election

An Assessment and Report-Back.   A talk by Leo Panitch, - Editor of Socialist Register and Professor of Political Economy, York University, Toronto, Canada

No bail-out for Ukrainian orphans

Around £9 billion has been spent in Ukraine in preparation for hosting Euro 2012 this June, but while vast sums have been found for infrastructure in the major cities, the budgets for the weakest m

Spain: A Spiral of Crisis, Cuts and Indignacion


Luke Stobart and Joel Sans

Towards a political solution to the Kurdish question in Turkey

London, 16 May: Open discussion on the ‘Road Map to Negotiations’

Choice and prejudice: Discrimination against Muslims in Europe

Muslims across Europe belong to many different ethnic groups and follow diverse cultural, religious or traditional practices.

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