Rick Rozoff

Libyan War And Control Of The Mediterranean


A year after assuming the post of president of the French Republic in 2007, and while his nation held the rotating European Union presidency, Nicholas Sarkozy invited the heads of state of the EU's

US Backs Japan In Looming Confrontation with Russia

Last week Kamitsuki Toyohisa, the Japanese Foreign Ministry counsellor for European Affairs, said that the relationship between his country and Russia is “at its worst point in decades.”

Timetable Abandoned: US And NATO To Wage Endless War In Afghanistan

The mainstream news media and alternative sources alike have seized on a recent revelation - though it is hardly such - published by McClatchy Newspapers that "The Obama administration has decided

Pentagon Forges NATO Proxy Armies In Eastern Europe


On November 19 and 20 the leaders of 28 North American and European nations, all the major Western military powers and their vassals, will gather in the capital of Portugal for this year's summit o

US Consolidates New Military Outposts In Eastern Europe


Two weeks after the United States started its third rotation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization' s Baltic air patrol on September 1, with the deployment of F-15C Eagle fighter jets operating

Europe And Beyond: US Consolidates Global Missile Shield


On September 17, 2009 US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and President Barack Obama separately announced plans to shift the emphasis of the global American interceptor missile – so-called missile

West's Afghan war and drive into Caspian Sea basin


The Pentagon and its NATO allies have launched the largest combat offensive to date in their nearly eight-

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