Stephen Velychenko

Comments on Ukraine, liberals and the ‘democratic’ and ‘anti-Stalinist’ left


During the past months pro-Kremlin opinion concerning events in Ukraine has been espoused by supposedly “liberal” academics like Nicolas Petro and Stephen Cohen.

Ukraine: The World’s Last Big Colony and the EU left.

The mass of Ukrainians and a majority of Russians and Russian-speakers, with the exception of the Crimea and easternmost Luhansk province, regard the EU as the only alternative to the neo-Soviet Ru

Are there no Fascists or neo-Nazis in Russia?

The Russian delegation at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) recently submitted to PACE a resolution “On ways of oppos

Of Ireland and Ukraine


A journalist in a recent article in the UK’s Daily Mail, in as many words, wondered why anybody in Ukraine should speak Ukrainian which, implicitly, was a fine language for singing and folklore, bu

Yushchenko's Place in History: A Leader who Failed his People?


For 200 years the bulk of Ukrainian lands were Russian colonies for all intents and purposes.

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