Victor Wallis

Can We Defeat the Trump Culture?

The 2016 contest for the US presidency put forward as its principal choices – in Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump – the two most unpopular candidates in the history of public-opinion surveys.

Sanders’ Campaign in the Balance

Now that Bernie Sanders has endorsed Hillary Clinton as the Democrats’ presidential nominee, we have an opportunity to assess what his own ca

The US Left: A Short Introduction

Is there a US Left? More specifically, is there a popular movement for socialism in the United States? And what chance does such a movement have for affecting national policy any time soon?

Bernie Sanders between the Democrats and the Left

What is the significance of Senator Bernie Sanders’ campaign for the US presidency?

Behind US Police Terror

We must always remind ourselves of the long history that underlies acts of terror – whether by police or vigilantes – like the recent killing of black teenager Michael Brown in a St. Louis suburb.

400 Parts per Million and Class Struggle

400 parts per million of atmospheric carbon dioxide may seem an arbitrary milestone, but given the scientific consensus that 350 ppm is the maximum compatible with long-term species-survival, we ma

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