"We're a Small Island: The Greening of Intolerance"

In the run-up to Britain's general election in May 2005, issues of immigration, refugees and asylum seekers remained at the top of the UK's political agenda.

Sinn Fein wants Irish EU Constitution referendum to go ahead


Unusually for a group opposed to the EU Constitution, Irish political party Sinn Fein, which sits in the European Parliament as part of the United Left Group (GUE/NGL), is calling for its country's go

Committee for Human Rights in Granada - Help desperately needed


The Committee for Human rights in Grenada (UK) need to raise approximately of £20,000 in the next few months to enable the ‘Grenada17’ to take their legal case to the Privy Council in London.

EU breakthrough for Irish language


Gaelic activists are celebrating a landmark decision to make Ireland's first language an official language of the European Union.

Campaigners unimpressed by 'debt forgiveness' for developing countries


Campaigners for the abolition of developing countries' debts are unimpressed by the latest announcements that appear to indicate that the debts of eighteen of the world's poorestas some sort of gestur

The Deportation Machine: Europe, asylum and human rights


Liz Fekete of the British anti-racist research group the Institute of Race Relations marshals facts, figures and arguments, using over two hundred case studies to blow the cover on the European Union

European Parliament rejects call for retention of all telecom traffic


On 7 June the plenary session of the European Parliament unanimously adopted the report from the Committee on Civil Liberties calling for the rejection of the proposal from the EU Council of Minister

Left Group in European Parliament votes against long-term budget proposals


On June 8th, 2005, the United Left Group of 41 Euro-MPs (the GUE/NGL) voted today against the majority's proposed financial framework for 2007-201

Revising EU border control rules: A missed opportunity?


Professor Steve Peers of the University of Essex has produced an analysis for UK-based NGO Statewatch which seeks to untangle the discussions between the EU Council of Ministers and the European Parli

Council of Europe critical of UK government's Human Rights record


A damning report from the Council of Europe had drawn attention to the increasingly authoritarian ways of the Blairite government in the UK. Recently re-elected with the 'landslide' support

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