Brussels protestors greet EU Council debate on Services Directive


Several thousand trade unionists today thronged the streets of Brussels’ "EU district" as the Council of Ministers and European Commission met to discuss the proposed Directive on Services in the Inte

Ten years of EU fraud - getting worse not better


For the tenth year in a row the EU's Court of Auditors has refused to sign off the European Union's accounts.

Kerry Won

Bush won Ohio by 136,483 votes. Typically in the United States, about 3 percent of votes cast are voided-known as "spoilage" in election jargon-because the ballots cast are inconclusive.

Revolutionaries in the European Parliament


Is there any point in progressives, let alone those who call themselves revolutionaries, standing for election to the European Parliament? the answer is far from straightforward.

The Balkan Problem lives on


Alfred Mendes looks at a region of instability which is in danger of being forgotten

Planting Lies by Steve McGiffen (Editor: Spectrezine)


The agricultural biotechnology industry likes to portray itself as the future, a future under threat from superstitious opponents who are anti-science.

Heather Wokusch revisits a different "War on Terror" and draws some interesting parallels


Here's the situation: The nation's leadership is taken over by a secretive group of elitists who profess democracy while dragging the country into a totalitarian nightmare.

The Joy of Freezing for Peace


David McReynolds, staff emeritus of War Resisters League and Socialist Party candidate for US President in 2000, reports on the huge anti-war demonstration in Washington, DC last weekend.

Venezuela - A Dangerous Game of Chicken


Larry Birns explains what is happening as US-backed business and bogus trade unions attempt to destabilise the country in preparation for a second coup.

A War of Sharon's Making


For more than a year it has been discussed in the media and the political and military system: is what is going on between Israel and the Palestinians a war, or is it just "fighting"?

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