The Children of NAFTA by David Bacon. .. "Built from vivid, firsthand accounts, this is a portrait of a border that few North Americans know anything about: of a working class fighting for survival on the unequal playing ground of NAFTA, where labor rights are almost always dishonored and where activists often end up blacklisted, jailed, or even desparecido..." Mike Davis

The European Union: A Critical Guide by Steven P. McGiffen

The political dynamics of the European Union can often appear confusing, shrouded as they are in complex legislative processes. This book offers a clear and thorough critical introduction to the origins, development and current direction of the EU, and pinpoints the major policy debates animating decision-makers. BUY THIS BOOK

Enough ! Socialist Party of the Netherlands chairman Jan Marijnissen summarises his opposition to the ideological mainstream in today's politics throughout the world. Who does not agree with Neo liberalism, argues Marijnissen, has the duty to stand up and say: enough!