Call to put a stop to use of Shannon airport by Obama’s warriors


Spectre received this communication from Roger Cole of Ireland’s Peace and Neutrality Alliance:

 President Obama is visiting Ireland in late May. The Peace & Neutrality Alliance which has campaigned against the destruction of Irish neutrality, independence and democracy and our integration into the EU/US/NATO military structures since 1996 including the transformation of Shannon Airport into a de facto US air force base has launched a campaign seeking international solidarity for our demand that the use of Shannon Airport by US troops be terminated. The list of those groups that have done so already are up on our website and we are contacting Spectrezine to ask you to use all your contacts to encourage other organisations to join in support so that it can peak to coincide with Obama's visit.

Please contact PANA directly through their website if your group would like to support the demand that neutral Ireland’s airports should not be used to facilitate the passage of troops to war.