Africa: Exploitation and Resistance


Conference in Oxford, England, June 11

‘Statewatching Europe’ Conference: Civil liberties, the state and the European Union


Statewatch is organising this conference at a time when civil liberties are being eroded across Europe by both the EU and the governments of its member states.  The one day event will include

On the Result of the Icesave Referendum


by Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson

Causing a Stir

Cash-for-amendments scandal just the tip of the iceberg


New rules needed to curb power of corporate lobbyists in the European Parliament

European Transport Unions Resist Privatisation and Social Dumping


Over 40 transport unions from Greece in the south to Sweden in the north gathered in London at a meeting hosted by RMT to share their experiences of the disastrous effect of right-wing, neoliberal

London Global Resistance Forum


On Tuesday 5 April there will be a Globalise Resistance Forum. The forum will take shape in two separate parts:

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