STIR: second edition on line now

The second edition of Stir, a genuinely stimulating magazine of politics and culture, is now on-line.

Workers’ support for the far right




Corporate Europe Observatory summer workshop for progressive media journalists


On the 25th and 26th of August Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO )  is organising a two-day workshop in Brussels for progressive media journalists

The Spanish Model

 by Isidro López and Emmanuel Rodríguez

The real causes of the eurozone crisis


“It’s no coincidence that the crisis is hitting a number of eurozone countries – Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain – very hard.

Saving Iceland

Since the economic collapse of Iceland, pressure has been on to ‘solve’ the country’s problems though industrialisation.

Going to Hell – As migrants in Greece get caught between repressive state and racism


Over a thousand migrants have been arrested and made homeless over the last two months after the Greek government launched a sweeping crackdown in the port city of Igoumenitsa.  

Revised EU asylum proposals are ‘lipstick on a pig’


"Taken as a whole, the amended proposals will not require Member States to raise their standards very much, in particular to the extent that raising those standards would cost money.

Left MEPs: Hungarian and European democracy threatened by Fidesz constitution


"If the revised Hungarian constitution infringes the spirit and the letter of the treaties, it is an infringement of the values of the other member states" Portuguese Left Bloc MEP Rui Tavares told

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