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Dijsselscrooge: Greece attacked for paying Christmas bonuses to pensioners

Greece’s pensioners had been promised a Christmas bonus. The bonus would be paid to anyone whose income is below €800 a month.

The conundrum of Brexit: Leave or Remain?


If you’d asked me any time in the last 43 years – in other words, since the UK joined the European Economic Community – how I would vote in a referendum on whether the country should reverse that d

The EU-Ukraine Association Agreement - Dutch people vote overwhelmingly against


As with the 2005 referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, their vote will be effectively ignored

The European Project has always been to further capitalism, not to foster peace


My appreciation of Syriza has not really changed since the Greek capitulation to the Brussels-Frankfurt Gang.

Why Syriza deserves our support

It’s an easy game to play from the stands.



“We don't change our policy according to elections." Jyrki Katainen, vice-president of the European Commission, finally conforming what we have long known, that the European Union isn’t a democracy

Hollowing out democracy


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