“The European project has been hijacked by those who use history for their own ends.”


An inconclusive election in March has left the Netherlands temporarily unable to form a new governmental coalition.

"Jeremy Corbyn Dares to Speak Truth About the ‘War on Terror’ -- and British Voters Are Responding."


"The leftist Labour leader forcefully condemned the 'horrific terror and the brutal slaughter of innocent people.' But unlike his political peers, Corbyn did not depoliticize the bombing.

On Mayday, let’s demand a reset - Workers’ Rights 2.0


“…workforces the world over are being played off against each other via so-called crowdworking platforms.” New technology is being used, once again, to deprive people of their right to a de

Reactionary working class?


Large parts of the western working class now seem to gather around right-wing populists, demagogues and racists. They vote for reactionary and fascistoid political parties.

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