Comments on Ukraine, liberals and the ‘democratic’ and ‘anti-Stalinist’ left


During the past months pro-Kremlin opinion concerning events in Ukraine has been espoused by supposedly “liberal” academics like Nicolas Petro and Stephen Cohen.

Snapshot of Ireland - Notes from Sinn Féin


Modern Left meeting in Amersfoort, Netherlands, 18/19 January 2014

The narrative of the political establishment across the EU is that the bailout for Ireland has been a resounding success; the austerity programme that has been in place since 2008 has brought about recovery and a return of "economic sovereignty". It is being promoted as the solution to everyone's problems everywhere.

State Power 2014


As the world's corporate and political elites gathered at their luxury retreat in Davos last month, TNI launched its third 'State of Power' report to shine a spotlight on the people, corporations a

Outgoing EU commissioners plan very, very short book: A guide to their achievements


The extremely informative EU Observer  reports that “a booklet describing the good works of EU commissioners is to be launched before the European elec

For cooperation but against the United States of Europe


Emile Roemer is leader of the Socialist Party of the Netherlands, which along with a handful of parties of the left in Europe – the Swedish Left Party, the Danish Red-Green Alliance, AKEL o

Corporate power and the EU


David Cronin’s book Corporate Europe: How Big Business Sets Policies on Food, Climate and War is based on his years as a journalist in Brussels looking at the way in which the European Union’s inst

Farmers mobilize in Brussels: “Reclaiming peasants' rights over our own seeds”


Brussels, 20 January 2014 - At the start of the year devoted to family farming, which is being called on by the UN to feed the world, small farmers from all over Europe are demonstrating before the

An unconditional basic income for all


Background to the interview

European citizens want the European Commission to consider Basic Income

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