Ten questions for Dutch Socialist Party leader Emile Roemer


The radical left, EU-critical Socialist Party, which led the campaigns against the country’s adoption of the euro and against the European Constitution, is riding so high in the polls that there is

Denmark: Red-Green Alliance Congress Grapples With Increased Influence


Red carpet and champagne marked the start of the first Red-Green Alliance (RGA) congress since the party tripled its mandate at a poll in September 2011.

The Battlegroups of the European Empire


This exposé of the reality behind the sham of the ‘peace-loving’ European Union will be reviewed on Spectrezine in the near future.

Alice in Euroland


One of my favourite books is Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. I don’t really remember when I first read it, but I must have been around seven years old.

MEPs to evaluate turmoil over Paraguayan coup


German United Left (GUE/NGL) MEP Jürgen Klute will take part in a European Parliament delegation to Paraguay from 16 to 18 July to assess the impeachment of Pres

The Plan


Recently the Nobel Prize winning economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman wrote an article (New York Times, 25th June 2012) which typifies the centre-left’s critique of the Eurozone cris

Euro Exit?


Interview with Economist Alberto Montero Soler

Solutions to the EU Crisis: Learning from Latin America

In this extract from an interview conducted by the Trans National Institute, former Bolivian ambassador Pablo Solon speaks about what the EU can learn from Latin Am

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