10 things you need to know about the Eurozone austerity treaty


On 31st January 2012, Ireland’s coalition Fine Gael/Labour Government signed up to the Eurozone austerity treaty. Eoin Ó Broin wrote in response in Sinn Fein newspaper An Phoblacht an article outlining “10 things you need to know about the new agreement”. But it isn’t only Irish people who need to know them, so read on:

Left MEPs: “EU-Morocco trade deal a tsunami for small farmers and workers on both sides of Mediterranean”


Accusing the European Commission and Council of closing their eyes to reality, Spanish European United Left MEP Willy Meyer said the EU-Morocco trade deal will solely benefit European food giants a

Germany: A False Model


Martin Hart-Landsberg reports from the economic front

The Class War in Europe


Ed Lewis speaks to Steve McGiffen about the class politics driving both the euro and the ever-deepening austerity in Europe, Neo-Nazism in Greece, and how to frame a left response to the EU.

Greek Crisis: The Apocalypse Now of Capitalism


The default of the people is a prerequisite for the ruling political and financial elites in order to keep the morally corrupted Capitalism alive.

EU in crisis: analysis, resistance and alternatives to Corporate Europe

Saturday 5 - Sunday 6 May 2012 : Maison des Associations Internationales, Brussels

Statewatch launches online historical archive of EU Justice and Home Affairs documents


Statewatch has launched a unique online archive of over 4,500 official documents (rising to over 6,500 by the end of 2012) that char

In Athens, Tahrir

It is estimated that one in six Athenians were protesting today (February 13th), with the trade union march constituting the largest component of it.  The police, notwithstanding their earlier

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