The 'Market' undermines the public interest

September 23, 2008 18:35 | by Agnes Kant

Agnes Kant is leader of the Socialist Party of the Netherlands

Plan for Legal 78 hr working week scuppered - for now


The recent rejection of the proposed changes to the European Union Working Time Directive by a full sessio

France: New anti-capitalist party 'a very exciting initiative'


Spectrezine has a ten-year unbroken tradition of not criticising genuine ant-capitalist parties and, wh

Blogging from inside the Brussels Bubble


Corporate Europe Observatory's new blog, with reflections on remarkable events happening in the Brussels EU quarter, starts with a report on the European Agenda Summit 2008 which took place last week.

Deal struck on EU Emissions Trading Scheme


On Saturday the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers struck a deal on how to reform the EU Emission Trading Scheme (ETS).

Watering down the EU’s Climate Policies


Two reports from Corporate Europe Observatory demonstrate how the European Union's environmental policies represent at best a 'compromise' with corporate greed and, at worst, a complete cap

Worst EU Lobbying Award Winners Announced


The winners of the 2008 Worst EU Lobbying Awards have been revealed at a ceremony in Brussels yesterday evening, despite a last minute attempt to gag the organisers with legal action from o

European Parliament: The left view on this week's business


Working Time Directive: “a deplorable text”

Statement from the Greek Social Forum:


15 year old pupil shot dead by policeman

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