Night of the Walking Dead


The European Parliament this week adopted by a sizeable majority – 385 for, 125 against and 51 abstentions - a resolution advocating the entry into force of the European Constitution from 2009, despit

EU prepares for resistance


European Gendarmerie Force (EGF) ready to roll

EP rejects Ports Services Directive


Even the right declares extremist liberalisation measure “too much to swallow”

Government Crimes


January 2, 2006 19:11 | by Jim Addington

Examining the abuses being committed, by the UK government and others, in the name of freedom.

The ongoing debate on terrorism, imprisonment without trial (misnamed detention), 'rendering' (kidnapping, transportation and torture) by the United States government is becoming more bizarre by the day. Recent comments by the British Home Secretary dodging responsibility for British complicity with rendition and pretending that it agrees with the latest ruling by the Law Lords have added to the confusion.

New position opening: researcher with Corporate Europe Observatory


Corporate Europe Observatory has asked us to pass on to our readers the fact that they are looking for a researcher to join them from February 1st 2006.

Europe's worst lobby: Campaign for Creativity wins 'coveted' award


The ‘Campaign for Creativity’ (C4C) is the undisputed winner of Corporate Europe Observatory's Worst EU Lobbying Award 2005!

EU hand in glove with US over torture flights


Far from being, as reported in the mainstream press, dismayed and angered by the United States' flouting of international law in using member states' territory to transport and imprison suspects on se

Anti-privacy law shows EU legislative process “cracking under pressure”


The EU "fast-food factory" is producing hasty and unsafe laws, according to the Munich-based Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure (FFII), which campaigns for the rights of computer-users.<

Budget talks hit problems as turkeys decline to vote for Christmas


Tony Blair's openly stated aim as President of the European Union (the position rotates every six months among the heads of the twenty-five governments) of slashing EU aid to new member states in cent

Secret US detention centres: Council of Europe sets up enquiry


In an information memorandum published this weekend, Dick Marty, chair of the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) and the Assembly

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