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International Conference: A Century+ of May Days: Labour and Social Struggles

Spectrezine's friends at the Institute for Working Class History in Chicago are organising a conference at DePaul University, Chicago during May Day weekend 2010

In What Ways the US Lacks Free Elections

In What Ways the US Lacks Free Elections

by Victor Wallis

Nov. 1, 2004

U.S. Economy Hijacked

The Chicago Socialist Party, with which, despite being based some 6000 kms away, Spectre has strong links, issued this “Statement on the Economic Crisis” on Se

US Elections

TweedleKerry, TweedleBush: US voters face choice which is no choice

Kerry Won

by Greg Palast

Kerry Won

12th November 2004

Attempts to question Bush victory continue

No globalization without our terms

A Lament for Liederkranz and the Pawhuska Town Square

By J. Quinn Brisben

Last December the New York Times described the anti-WTO protesters in Seattle as "flat-earth advocates." It’s true that many of the progressives there wanted no part of "progress" if it meant surrender to the rules of a few gigantic and undemocratically controlled financial institutions whose vision of the future is the Orwellian one of "a boot stamping on a human face—forever." The protesters were in favor of sea turtles, Roquefort cheese, a plain cup of coffee at the local greasy spoon, and effective labor unions controlled by their members. It should not have surprised the WTO and even many of the demonstrators that the various protesting groups got along so well with each other.

The PDS: German Socialism Renewed

Dr. Mario Kessler is a member of the Historical Commission of Germany’s leading democratic leftist organization, the Party of Democratic Socialism (PDS).

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