The coherence of Tsipras and lessons for Italy


If the new Greek government begins now to live up to his election programme by establishing the minimum wage to 750 euro per month Germany’s Merkel-SPD government will close the door to any negotiations on the debt. In fact, with the “reforms” that have made the German model to the whole continent, the millions of casual workers employed in minijobs  would be getting less than a Greek worker. It is true that there are top ups from the welfare state, but it is equally true that the coherence of the new Greek government would open a front with Germany on welfare cuts too.

So the coherence of Tsipras would be unsustainable for a German ruling class, who for years has imposed terrible sacrifices on workers, explaining that all the others are worse off. German workers, who have suffered one of the most brutal wage restraint policies in Europe, would wonder why. That is the fear of social contagion, of recovery, perhaps wages, even if through struggle, and this is why the German elite will say no to better welfare in Greece, not because of the size of Greece’s debt.

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