4th Asia Pacific International Solidarity Conference: Major Change of Plan


Spectrezine has received the following letter from the organisers of this conference, which will take place in Australia later in the year.

Dear friends, writes Lisa Macdonald

Last year we sent you an invitation to participate in the 4th Asia
Pacific International Solidarity Conference, which was to be held in
Sydney, in April 2007. We are writing to let you know that the plans
for the conference have changed.

Recent developments in world politics, in particular the advances being
made in the creation of “socialism for the 21st Century” in Venezuela,
which is giving renewed hope and energy for resistance and liberation
struggles on all continents, prompted the organisers of the APISC to
propose a collaboration with the organisers of the annual National
America Solidarity Conference in Australia to hold a combined Latin
America-Asia Pacific international solidarity conference in 2007.

We assessed that an international gathering later in the year that
brought together individuals, movements and left parties campaigning
against neoliberal globalisation and war in the Asia Pacific region
key forces in struggle in Latin America, all inspired by the
revolutionary transformation in Venezuela, would enable the richest
possible discussion and strengthening of anti-imperialist networks
within and between these regions, and globally.

The organisation of a combined Latin America-Asia Pacific international
solidarity conference, to be held in Melbourne, Australia, October
this year, is now proceeding, and we will be able to write to you to
confirm the exact dates of the conference within a few weeks.

We encourage you to join the hundreds of activists from around
and all over the world at this important gathering to advance global
solidarity and justice. If your party, union, social movement or
community organisation can attend in October, please contact us as soon
as possible, and if you would like to present a paper or workshop,
please let us know so we can plan it into the agenda.

Yours in solidarity,
Lisa Macdonald

For more information, email the organisers of the Asia Pacific Solidarity Conference at apisc2007@greenleft.org.au, or visit Venezuela Solidarity's website.