An alternative to the G8 worldview


On Saturday June 2, the European United Left group of MEPs (GUE/NGL) participated in the mass demonstration against the upcoming G8 summit in Germany. The MEPs were there to show their support for the struggle for an alternative vision of globalisation.

"We are demonstrating because we want to fight for a better, more social world" said German GUE/NGL MEP Gabi Zimmer. "We want to show our opposition to the G8 leaders' policies and are particularly interested in highlighting the issue of poverty in Africa and climate change, and will put forward our concrete demands and clear alternatives to current policy on these issues over the coming days when the summit begins".

With activists coming from all over the world and all over Germany , Zimmer said she was "looking forward to a successful and constructive alter-summit".

Also present in Rostock was Vice-President of the European Parliament’s Temporary Committee on Climate Change, Italian Communist Refoundation and GUE/NGL MEP Roberto Musacchio. “The current model whereby a few major economic powers decide on global issues for all of us is unfair and unsustainable” he said, stressing the importance of tackling the issues of climate change (via the Kyoto protocol) and access to water.

The GUE/NGL website contains more information about the discussions, debates and seminars the group is organising in Rostock throughout this week. The issues that will be covered include trade, globalisation, poverty, militarization and democracy from an EU and global perspective.