Demonstrate on February 12th against indifference to climate change

Why demonstrate? In February 2005 the world's first international agreement on emissions reductions comes into force (the Kyoto Protocol, subsequent to its ratification by Russia). This is despite all that the US, under George Bush, could do to prevent it. The Bush administration, which rejected the Kyoto Protocol in 2001, is dominated by oil men and the fossil fuel lobby. A network of Republican think tanks, funded by the fossil fuel-dependent corporate dollar (see determines US energy policy and, under Bush, the US has put short term corporate greed before the vital interests of humanity as a whole. The refusal of the US to join the rest of the world in any kind of meaningful cooperative action to prevent the destabilisation of global climate threatens the future of everyone on the planet.

Though the Kyoto protocol does not go anything like far enough in reducing emissions and no international agreement can be really effective without the US on board, its coming into force is of immense political and symbolic significance. It demonstrates that the rest of the world is willing to go ahead without the US, which is left isolated on the issue - with only John Howard's Australia (home of a huge coal industry) for company.

That is why this is the ideal moment to target the US on this issue, to make a stand for our childrens' future and to demand that the US join the rest of the world in taking action to prevent an eco-catastrophe of almost unimaginable scale. At the same time it is an opportunity to remind everyone of the urgency of the issue and to point the way to the just and effective international agreement on emissions that we so desperately need.

Assemble 11.30 am, February 12th, at Lincoln's Inn Fields (Holborn Tube) or join the Bicycle Ride Protest that leaves the Thames Barrier (South Side, 10 mins from Charlton Rail) at 9 a.m

The main march will involve a parade of the flags of all the countries (129) that have ratified the Kyoto Protocol and will go from Lincoln's Inn Fields via the ExxonMobil offices and the Australian embassy (Aldwych) to end at the US embassy for speeches at around 2.00 pm.

Speakers will include Caroline Lucas MEP (Green Party), Tony Juniper , Director, Friends of the Earth, Norman Baker MP (Lib Dem Shadow Environment Minister) and Muzammal Hussein from the Islamic Foundation for Ecology and the Environmental Sciences.

For more information write to Or visit, where you can see how the London action fits into a massive international campaign.

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