Hot off the press

A new report from Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO), Nuclear Power Grab documents how nuclear industry lobbyists targeted the European Parliament in the run up to of a recent crucial vote tomorrow. The lobbying offensive, coordinated by umbrella group FORATOM, aimed to replace binding renewable energy targets with 'low-carbon technologies' targets. This could create massive new momentum for nuclear energy in Europe.

A new Statewatch publication, Border Wars and Asylum Crimes by Frances Webber looks at the criminalisation of people seeking asylum in the EU. In the author's view, "There is a frightening continuity between the treatment of asylum claimants and that of terrorist suspects. In the name of the defence of our way of life and our enlightenment values from attack by terrorists or by poor migrants, that way of life is being destroyed by creeping authoritarianism, and those values - amongst which the most important is the universality of human rights – betrayed." The publishers add that when the Statewatch pamphlet Crimes of Arrival by the same author was written, in 1995, the title was a metaphor for the way the British government, in common with other European governments, treated migrants and especially, asylum seekers. Now, a decade on, that title describes a literal truth."

Statewatch's Tony Bunyan has also edited Spokesman books publication The War on Freedom and Democracy 2006 by Spokesman books. The book brings together a group of essays which were prepared for the launch of the
European Civil Liberties Network in October 2005.

The Islip Unity Group Newsletter, a London publication "for Communist and left unity", this month contains an article by old spectrezine favourite Alfred Mendes on "Robert Gates – Servant of Corporate America", Ken Keable on how the British state continues to get away with murder in Northern Ireland, and a report from the Iraqi Communist Party on the situation in their country almost three years after the US invasion. Write to George Anthony at for a sample pdf copy.