Leader of Sweden's successful campaign against the Euro rallies Dutch troops prior to referendum battle


The Socialist Party of the Netherlands, the only political party of any significance in the country to campaign against the proposed EU Constitution, held its national conference in Nijmegen last weekend. Although the timing was fixed before the government decided on a date for the referendum, and the agenda was wide-ranging, the imminent vote unsurprisingly dominated discussion. Jonas Sjöstedt, Member of the European Parliament for the Swedish Vänsterpartiet (Left Party), who led the Swedish Left Party's successful campaign for a 'No' in the referendum on accession to the euro, was therefore the ideal choice to give the keynote speech from a distinguished foreign guest, a feature of many SP Conferences. Mr Sjöstedt strongly attacked the proposed 'Constitution' (in reality no constitution at all but a right-wing political programme), he arguing that it was an attempt to usurp the people's democratic right to decide on the economic system under which they wished to live. You can see the whole of his entertaining and inspiring 20-minute speech at this website