Left MEPs call for EU to declare opposition to commercial whale hunting

Left Euro-MPs of are furious about last week's decision by a majority of member states of the International Whaling Commission to back a resolution calling for the eventual return of commercial whaling. The resolution was approved by a vote of 33 to 32, with one member - China – abstaining.

Irish United Left Group member Bairbre de Brún, commenting on the decision, said:

"Whales are an endangered species and the resolution calling for the reintroduction of commercial whaling will concern environmentalists across the planet. Whilst this vote does not spell the immediate reintroduction of commercial whale hunting, it is certainly a major victory for those who want to see the resumption of the practice.

"A re-opening of this practice would send out an unmistakable signal that commercial whaling is more important than the protection and conservation of an intelligent and endangered species. The protection of these mammals should be of paramount importance for national governments. Many scientists agree that the practice of harpooning often leads to a slow and agonizing death for the whale.

"The European Union should take an immediate stand against the reintroduction of commercial whaling which has been banned since 1986."