New US organisation focuses on need to change foreign policy

Mark Weisbrot contacted spectrezine to say: We would like to introduce you to a new organization - Just Foreign Policy - that aims to change the United States and the world by changing US foreign policy. Given the Bush Administration's stubborn plans for a "surge" or escalation of the Iraq war in the face of unprecedented opposition, it's not a moment too soon for you to join.

We have created this membership organization, which thousands of people have joined in the last few months, whose goal is to become a powerful political force that can convince our political leaders to "change course" not just in Iraq but in the rest of the world. And not just the Bush administration but the Congress and all future governments of the United States.

There are already many millions of Americans who fully understand what is wrong with the "empire" approach to foreign policy and would like the United States to be a law-abiding country that seeks international co-operation and peaceful relations among nations. The main problem is that these millions have little voice in decision making or even the political debate that reaches 90% of the country through the mass media.

We can see the results of this lack of organized political voice and power every day. The Iraq Study Group, despite its seeming realization that the Iraq war is lost, felt little pressure to propose the obvious solution of getting out. Our government continues to consider the "option" of bombing Iran. It spends hundreds of millions of dollars in Latin America trying to counteract the programs of democratically elected, progressive governments.

MoveOn showed that it is possible to create a powerful membership organization that can change politics in the United States. And a decade ago, Americans had no voice in the debate over international trade and commercial policy - that has now changed, and as a result even the most powerful corporate and ideological interests in the country can't necessarily win new so-called "free trade" agreements.

We can also change U.S. foreign policy. Just Foreign Policy works with other, established groups - for example, we are organizing a petition with Peace Action (formerly SANE and The Nuclear Freeze), the country's largest grassroots peace group, against a possible military attack on Iran. But we believe that there is a need for a new membership organization whose goal is to change the overall purpose and direction of U.S. foreign policy in a number of areas.

And the Iraq war, as well as the Bush presidency, has made people increasingly ready for real change.

So please take the 60 seconds to join us. You can sign our petition against the "surge". You can also sign up for a daily or weekly summary of the major foreign policy news. Occasionally we may ask you for another 30 seconds to sign a petition, and there will be more on-the-ground activities for those who want to get involved as activists.

But most importantly please tell your friends and interested people. It is the members that make this organization. We are in this for the long haul, and we intend to win.

Just Foreign Policy