Open Letter Calls On EU to Halt Destructive Biofuels Boost

The Amsterdam-based Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) has joined othet social organisations in publishing an open letter urging the EU to halt its plans to promote the use of biofuels. A CEO spokesperson explained that “The European Commission's new energy package proposes a minimum binding target of 10% for biofuel use in transport by 2020. This would result in a massive increase in imports of biofuels from countries in the South, including palm oil, soy and other crops. The EU plans would mean yet another push for monoculture production that causes deforestation, further erosion of food sovereignty, land conflicts, unemployment, damage to water and soil, and human rights abuses. The climate benefits are not demonstrated, and consequences could actually be negative, taking
into account emissions caused by deforestation, damage to peat lands, and fires associated with new plantations.” Read the letter