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French left press: "Barack Obama Says 'Change has Come'"

This is from left daily L'Humanité

Barack Obama won a historic victory on Tuesday thanks to the promise of change that he reiterated throughout his campaign.

The Democrat, Barack Obama, aged 47, has won the presidential election against the Republican John McCain. So he becomes the first black president in the history of the United States.

The president announced on Tuesday evening to his united supporters at Chicago that ‘change had come to America’. He called upon them to show their unity to facing up to the challenges which await the country.

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Phyllis Bennis: Bonfires for the global vanities

After eight dark years of devastating wars and consistent violations of international law, a new US administration will provide an opportunity for change, but it will take a powerful, mobilised anti-war movement to hold a new administration accountable for promises made.

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Richard Falk: A sort of global election and enthusiasm

This historic victory by Barrack Obama is the first truly global election that has been celebrated by people around the world as if they had been voting participants. The reelection of George W. Bush in 2004 was also a national election with global reverberations, but it only aroused widespread feelings of fear and resentment around the world, and no sense of participation. What we are slowly learning is that the United States is the first global state, and as such, its elections become a global, as well as a national, event. From this perspective it is not surprising that peoples throughout the world follow American presidential campaigns and either cheer or lament their outcome.
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And if you're all read out and fancy a change of eye activity, take a look at this:

"Financial Chaos and the Crisis of Neoliberalism"

A Workshop on Understanding the Credit Crisis and Its Implications for
Wages, Pensions, American Power and Left Alternatives


* Greg Albo, community activist, Socialist Project and Professor of
Political Economy, York University

* Adam Hanieh, CAIA and Political Science, McMaster University

* Tom Marois, Latin American Solidarity Activist and Development Studies,
Queen's University

Workshop 1 -- Marxian Views of Financial Capital and Credit
Workshop 2 -- Capitalism, Neoliberalism and the Current Crises of Wall
Street and Bay Street
Workshop 3 -- Bank Bailouts or Socialist Alternatives?

Video of the workshop is available at the Left Stream website
of Canada's Socialist Project.