Red Reading

English Edition 'Le Monde Diplomatique' October 2008 out now

In this issue: ... the end of Wall Street; new New Deal; US election special dossier; the Taliban, what Nato missed; Palestine's dual madness; Honduras on the front line; South Africa isn't working... Saudi women fall for Turkish soap... and more...

Read sample article "How the West could be won" by Serge Halimi


You can subscribe free to the online Australian magazine Links - International Journal of Socialist Renewal In the latest Links you'll find, amongst other things, an interview with John Bellamy Foster of Monthly Review on "Monopoly finance capital and the crisis", originally carried in Norwegian daily Klassekampen and articles on global warming, Obama, Bolivia, Cuba, Indian nukes and Sri Lanka's 'Tamil Question'.

Labour Briefing

UK monthly for socialists hangin' in there in the Labour Party. This month's issue covers the credit crisis, Obama, Venezuelan healthcare, South Africa, Lebanon's Palestinian refugees and numerous other international topics in a particularly international edition. There's also an article by transport workers' leader Bob Crow explaining why the Lisbon Treaty would increase attacks on trade union rights across Europe. The mag's website has been "currently undergoing a total redesign" since Clement Attlee was in the Socialist League of Youth, but if you go to it anyway you can order a free sample copy of the inky itself.