Red Reading

Socialism & Democracy - Latest issue of this accessible, intelligent North American theoretical magazine is unthemed and therefore features a wide range of articles: Aasim Sajjad Akhtar on "Challenges for the Left in Asia and Africa", Daniel Egan "On the US Agenda for 'Transition' in Cuba"are complemented by pieces on the US prison system, the artificiality of 'race', and the radical thinker Randolph Bourne. Read back copies and get subscription details at S&D's website

Monthly Review - Another gem of a journal from the US, this month's edition features the great Marxist thinker Istvan Meszaros on why socialism is "The only viable economy" and Stephen J.Fortunato on the viability of an international guaranteed income as a strategy to eradicate poverty. Read more

EU Complicit in War Crimes? - European lawyers are examining whether alleged war crimes committed by Ethiopian and Somali troops in Mogadishu last week could expose the EU to accusations of complicity because of its formidable financial assistance to the two countries. Read Xan Rice's account in The Guardian, April 7.

Biofuels "Once again history is witness to the victimization of victims. This time it is in the context of the current search for solutions to today’s energy model; not to end the crazy waste of today’s consumerist societies in the rich and industrialized North, but to find alternatives for maintaining and encouraging that addiction." Read the rest of this straightforward explanation of why biofuels are not the answer to any aspect of the environmental crisis, and what they're really for, in Cuba's national newspaper