Red Reading: Spectrezine's latest picks from recent publications

EU Immigration Policy

In a new report from the German Institute for Human Rights, available in English as The Demands of Human and EU Fundamental Rights for the Protection of the European Union’s External Borders, Ruth Weinzier. looks at the protection of human rights in the context of controlling population movements from Africa into Europe. Her prime focus is on refugee protection, and whether current practice is in keeping with the EU's legal commitment to respect for fundamental rights.


Liberation, the UK anti-imperialist monthly, carries this month an article on the EU Reform Treaty by spectrezine editor Steve McGiffen. Also in this issue, growing opposition to the war from African- Americans, the implications of Japan's recent nuclear accident, Ecuador's progressive president, a report on Liberation's own AGM and a review of Michael A. Hoffman They Were White and They Were Slaves.

The July edition of Red Pepper also carried an article by Steve McGiffen, "Americanising Europe".

Socialism and Democracy, and Monthly Review

The current issue of the fine theoretical and research journal Socialism and Democracy contains a number of articles on China, several pieces on the uprising in Oaxaca, Martha Lincoln on Guantánamo and much else, including a review of James W. Russell's Double Standard: Social Policy in Europe and the United States on the website you can subscribe after checking out a selection of past articles which can be accessed for free.

Monthly Review's summer edition concentrated on Latin America, with articles on ALBA, Mexico, Bolivia, Argentina, Venezuela and of course, Oaxaca. Go to their website for samples and subscription details. Or go to its sister site MRZine to order a free e-zine.