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Summit Protests
The G8 protests in Heiligedamm, Germany will add another date to the long timeline of summit protest. Gemma Galdon Clavell reflects on what these timelines tell us about the state of the movement, and examines what role these rituals can play in achieving social change in The way we were: reflections on summit protest, rituals, new technologies and networks

Why Has the French Left Failed So Singularly?

"The facts are dire enough," says French left daily L'Humanité. "The disastrous showings in the first round (an all-time low), then the socialist candidate’s defeat in the second. Has the left simply lost a battle or has it lost an ideological campaign?" Stéphane Rozès (head of the CSA polling institute) and sociologists Laurent Willermz and Michel Vakaloulis debate with L’Humanité on the reasons for the left’s defeat and on its future propects. Read the translation

What Is Happening In Lebanon?

What's now happening in Lebanon requires a much more subtle and fine-grained interpretation, one that takes on board the reverberations of political developments from Baghdad to Washington, while attending to emerging social and economic conditions in the Middle East. The situation is much more complicated, fluid, unbounded, and therefore ominous than CNN's "experts" seem to grasp, argues Laurie King-Irani in this article from Electronic Intifada