Support the European Parliament Declaration Against GMOs!

In order to support a "GMO-free Europe", in March 2006, Janusz Wojciechowski MEP, the Polish Vice-President of the European Parliament's Agriculture Committee,and three other MEPs - Caroline Lucas from the United Kingdom, IoaannisGklavakis from Greece and Thijs Berman from the Netherlands submitted to the European Parliament the Written Declaration no 14/2006 on genetically modified food, seeds and fodder

The Declaration has to be signed by more than half the Members of the European Parliament in order to receive the status of an official document. Though carrying no legal force, as a further gesture against this technology, instrument of a huge corporate land-grab at great risk to public health and the environment, this would be an important political and legal act. The declaration demands a change in EU law, permitting each member state and each region to forbid the cultivation of GMOs in its area.

Signatures from MEPs will be collected until 13 June 2006. What you can do:

Read the Written Declaration
Check the list of MEPs who've already signed.
Write to the MEP or MEPs who represent your region, or country, or the political party which you support. Be polite! If you want to refresh your memory about this issue, go to our article. A full list of MEPs with contact details is here