Trans National Institute writer and activist threatened with murder

TNI has contacted Spectrezine to ask us to publicise the fact that Walden Bello, an outstanding thinker of the international left, has been subject to death threats by the Communist Party of the Philippines. The PCP's recent history of gangsterism and assassination mean that such threats have to be taken very seriously. TNI Director Fiona Dove writes that the Institute's members "are extremely alarmed at the recent attacks by the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) on Walden Bello, Executive Director of Focus on the Global South." Ms Dove added:

Walden is also a long standing Fellow of the Transnational Institute (TNI) and a current TNI Board Member. We believe that this threat to Walden's life and to other Filipino activists named as 'counter- revolutionaries' in the CPP diagram of December 7, 2004 cannot be ignored. Two of the persons named in the list have already been eliminated - one just a few months ago.

Walden is a lifelong and outstanding activist and writer and is internationally acknowledged for his contribution to the struggle against neo-liberal globalisation and war and to building alternatives are equitable, democratic and pluralist. We unreservedly condemn violence, terror and assassination as a way of resolving differences and appeal to the CPP to desist from its attacks on Filipino activists and refrain from this destructive course of action.

We agree with Focus on the Global South that these attacks deserve a response from global civil society. We are therefore circulating this widely on TNI's list serves and urge you to add your name to the Focus Statement posted at

Alternatively, write to Chanida Bamford - Deputy Director, Focus on the Global South at

Spectrezine's informal links with the European Parliament United Left Group (GUE-NGL) led us to contact its 41 MEPs, many of whom are themselves from Communist Parties, urging them to act. A spokesperson for the Group told us that "a protest letter is soon to be sent from (GUE-NGL President) Francis Wurtz."

We would urge any readers who are, for example, elected representatives, to write to Chanida Bamford. Members of political parties, especially those from the Communist tradition, should consider raising this with the appropriate bodies within their organisations. We cannot afford to lose Waldon Bello, and we cannot afford to tolerate gangsterism in our movement for a better world.