"We're a Small Island: The Greening of Intolerance"

In the run-up to Britain's general election in May 2005, issues of immigration, refugees and asylum seekers remained at the top of the UK's political agenda. Until recently, environmentalists might have thought that such issues had little to do with their own areas of concern, such as climate change, pollution, urbanisation or wildlife protection.

But far right groups are increasingly using environmental and social justice concerns to argue against immigration. As a result, their statements can seem little different to those of progressive environmentalists. Whether they like it or not, environmentalists are being drawn into debates on immigration.

A recent presentation by progressive research group The Corner House to staff at Friends of the Earth (England and Wales) gave examples of this process; outlined how it is part of the far right's political strategy to make racist ideas and goals seem more respectable; and explored ways of countering it.

The full text is now available at the The Corner House website.