David Rovics anti-TTIP tour of western Europe planned

American radical left troubadour David Rovics is planning his latest European tour and has written to Spectrezine to ask us to bring to the attention of our readers that he is looking for venues in the first half of October.

Hi folks in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France and Switzerland,

Plans are in motion to organize a tour against the TTIP involving music (me) and information about the TTIP and opposition to it.  Mainly the plan is to do events throughout Belgium, and in Germany between Bonn and Berlin.

Plans are still being formed, however, so it's possible to include other places, too!  The date range is approximately October 2-15, including being at (and hopefully singing at) TTIP protest rallies in Berlin on October 10 and Brussels on October 15.

As usual, the tour will only happen if some of the folks reading this very email decide they want to reply to it, and organize something.  It's all very DIY around here...

Hope to hear from some of you and to see you in October!


David Rovics can be contacted at david@davidrovics.com