Donations sought for Irish group organizing practical help for people of Gaza

The Free Gaza Movement of Ireland has thought of a very concrete way of expressing their solidarity with the beleagured people of Gaza. They have set up a PayPal account<> to accept donations for cement for use in building schools, as well as educational supplies to use in them when they're built. "We will use your donation for cement for reconstruction or book bags for the children if you designate it’s for them," says the group, which recently purchased a cargo ship, now named the MV Rachel Corrie after the American activist murdered in 2003 by the Israeli Defence Force. The ship will form part of an international flotilla of ships sailing to Gaza in May.

Just €5 will pay for a bag of cement to help the people of Gaza rebuild, supporting the Palestinian people and their refusal to be broken despite a devastating siege and Occupation. €5 for a bag of cement (or €10 for two bags, €20 for four bags, €100 for 20 bags) or €10 for a school/sports bag.

Israel’s blockade of Gaza is in its third year, and virtually no reconstruction materials have been allowed into the Gaza Strip, which is still in ruins after Israel’s massive onslaught in Dec/Jan 2009 which killed over 1,400 Palestinians, almost 400 of them children.

Read more abouit the action which the Free Gaza movement describes as 'cementing solidarity"