An economy for the 99%: ideas, stories and tactics from around the world

What would an economy that really worked in the interests of people look like? Come to a full day event of informative and inspiring workshops and speakers, all addressing that question.

Saturday 17 March, 10am – 6pm
Manchester Metropolitan University
Student Union Building, 99 Oxford Road, Manchester M1

This event will bring together activists from Manchester, Europe and beyond to share ideas, stories and tactics for building economic justice movements across the world.

Government responses to the financial crisis have prioritised the interests of irresponsible banks and led to deep public sector cuts, ballooning unemployment and poverty. Globally, corporate power is being entrenched while the rich continue to dodge their taxes.

But the financial crisis has also triggered inspiring movements for change across the world. We’ll have speakers from some of those movements, both local and global. We’ll have workshops that examine the current crisis and look at alternative ways of building a fairer economy. And there will also be opportunities to share ideas and tactics for bringing that fairer economy about.

Event organised jointly by Jubilee Debt Campaign and the World Development Movement.

Workshops and sessions on causes of the financial crisis, tax havens, the 'solidarity economy', the global movement against austerity, activism for food justice locally and globally, debt audits, overseas aid and philanthropy, economic justice and the Arab Spring, organising for workplace rights and more.

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