On May 23rd the Bush Administration's National Energy Policy Development Group finally released their long-awaited National Energy Policy.  As expected, this policy heavily emphasises increasing production of dirty fuels instead of decreasing demand for such fuels.  In addition, the plan calls for drilling on the Arctic Refuge Coastal Plain and expanding lease sales in the National Petroleum Reserve as two means of increasing this production.

The Administration's plan poses serious long term threats to the environment as well as public health while providing no short term relief for cash-strapped consumers.  The plan pays lip service towards the ideas of conservation and renewability, but does nothing in reality to further them.

Alaskan Environmentalist pressure group Arctic Action ( is asking US citizens to contact the White House to let them know that increasing production is not the answer to the nation’s energy problems.  Instead, US National Energy Policy must focus on solutions for the 21st century (such as development of renewable energy sources and increased energy efficiency), instead of repeating the previous century's mistakes.

Write to President George W. Bush (we know it galls, but better leave the inverted commas off ‘President’ this time), 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC  20500, tel (01) 202-456-1414  fax (01) 202-456-2461, mail

In addition, you should contact your Representative, as Bush will need his or her support will be needed if his polluters’ charter is ever to be put into practice. Urge him or her to sign on to Congressman Jim Maloney's letter to Bush urging him to back away from his support for drilling the Arctic as part of his proposed energy plan.  Tell your Senators and Representative how you feel about environmental issues. Urge them to reject the Administration's energy plan and to support clean solutions to US energy problems including increased use of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Write to  the Honorable (full name)   United States Senate/House of Representatives, Washington, DC  20510/20515, tel.       U.S. Capitol Switchboard (01) 202-224-3121