European Union


Commission whistleblower speaks out against Constitution

2 December 04


Former European Commission Chief Accountant Marta Andreasen will speak next Monday, December 6, to a public meeting at the House of Commons in Westminster, London. The title of her talk, which will begin at 6.30pm will be "Europe needs real reform, not the EU Constitution."

Ms Andreasen was suspended from her job at the Commission for refusing to approve its accounts, and was later sacked. According to the Commissioner responsible, former British Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock, her employment was terminated because of a "breakdown in relations", but the sacking gave further proof that the unelected executive sees itself as a law unto itself, a sort of priesthood which should never be judged by outsiders. Any official publicly criticising the body is likely to suffer excommunication. Ms Andreasen's criticism, that it does not follow the standard of accountancy which it sets for private companies hit home, and so she had to go. Yet Jules Muis, the Commission's internal auditor noted for having previously taken a large brush to a similar Augean stable at the World Bank, has said that her charges of fraud and sloppy bookkeeping are "factually substantive and correct". Every year, moreover, the EU's Court of Auditors expresses outrage at the way the Commission handles its - or rather, if you are a citizen of a member state, our - money. This year, the Auditors said that less than 10% of the EU's budget lines were correctly managed.

Please contact Paul Stephenson at if you would like to attend the meeting and hear Marta Andreasen's story in her own words, and why she opposes the proposed constitution.