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Spectrezine's predecessor, Spectre magazine, was established in 1997 with the central goal of opposing the introduction of the European single currency. For some, the fight goes on, and for one group in particular it's reaching its climax.  Below is the text of a leaflet from Sweden's Vänster (Left) Party which sets out the case against the euro as well as anything we've ever seen. We hope it will be useful in particular to British readers in continuing to argue against their country's adoption of the Euro, while reminding those of us who live in the Eurozone of why we didn't want to, and why we were right.



The European elite want to transform Europe into a superstate. EMU is the engine of this transition. Big business has forced through EMU because it wants to control both the market and labour.


EMU is not about international cooperation but about nationalism at EU level. If the companies and top politicians get their way, not only the single currency (the euro) but also foreign policy, the military, trade policy, economic policy and refugee policy will be controlled by the EU, a centralised body that is deeply undemocratic.


It is hard enough at present to exert an influence on policy or on the elite who govern Europe. With EMU, it will be even harder.


EMU shuts others out


The EU and EMU build walls to keep others out. This can clearly be seen in agricultural policy today, where the subsidies given to EU farmers make it impossible for farmers in poor countries to compete. The Schengen agreement is eroding the right of asylum and making it harder for people to seek refuge from political persecution and abuses of human rights. More or less openly xenophobic governments are using the EU’s internal problems as an excuse to shut out, persecute and harass non-Europeans.


Since joining the EU, Sweden has ceased to make its voice heard in the world. In the EU, as in the UN, Swedish delegates vote with the rich countries against the countries of the third world. Sweden has bound itself to the EU’s and the Nato countries’ unacceptable arms export laws. And ever since Turkey became a candidate for EU membership, Sweden has stopped criticising the Turkish government for its oppression of the Kurds.


Politicians on the right claim that EMU is a peace project. This is not true. Most wars take place within the same currency area. Forcing countries to accept an undemocratic economic system is likely to increase tension rather than reduce it. The EU and EMU are no counterweight to US

aspirations to world domination. The power elite in the US and Europe share the same

ambition. Both are seeking to guarantee the West total economic and political dominance in the world.


In EMU your views don’t count


The September referendum is not about the euro. It’s about power – your loss of power

and the elite’s gain. Do you want to be governed by six bank directors in the European Central Bank in Frankfurt who you cannot influence and who cannot be removed? Do you think it

is fair to pursue policies that ignore unemployment and injustice in society – in fact that encourage them? This in effect is what EMU does.


EMU policies are decided beforehand to accommodate powerful capitalist interests. The job of the European Central Bank is to keep down inflation, even if this leads to fewer jobs and greater unemployment.


Jobs, social welfare, democracy and gender equality are being sacrificed to ensure that the superpower dreams of the European elite come true. As an EMU member, Sweden may be

fined huge amounts if we try to maintain our welfare levels at times of economic recession.

If we stand free from EMU’s centrally determined policies, we are better equipped to ensure that you and I can keep our jobs and that the quality of childcare, education, healthcare and care of the elderly does not decline still further. Free from EMU, we can make the investments we need and raise the low wage levels of women in the public sector. How are we to manage that if we join EMU?


You take the knocks


With Sweden in EMU, you risk taking the knocks for the benefit of private enterprise.

Companies want pay to be flexible. This may mean reducing your wages and the wages of others. Workers and the unemployed must be prepared to move to other countries in the EMU zone. Unemployment benefits may be cut and it could become much easier to fire people. Stand-in jobs and hourly rates could become more commonplace. With EMU, the position of

unions and collective agreements in the labour market may weaken.


EMU is alienating


If you want to take an active part in the community and control your life, you have to have a job and an income. This applies to us all – young and old, women and men, immigrants and native Swedes. A deregulated labour market, weak labour laws, a lower wage and insecure forms of employment lead to social exclusion. Right-wing EMU policies are in danger of perpetuating

a truly low-paid working class that features a strong ethnic element.


Class and gender inequalities that were built into our social system in the 1990s will become still more deeply ingrained – so that the rich can become even richer. Jobs for all should be the most important policy goal. That is not the case in EMU.


The single currency, the euro, comes at a high price. Low-paid workers, women in the public sector and the unemployed stand to lose most. You and I are to be sacrificed so that the elite can consolidate their power. That is why we must stand free from EMU.


EMU doesn’t care about you


When the parties held talks on the referendum, the Liberals (fp) tried to introduce a rule banning foreign citizens entitled to vote at local elections from taking part in the EMU vote. But don’t worry, you don’t need to be a Swedish citizen and you don’t have to take a language test to vote ‘No’ to the euro. You qualify to vote if you are 18 or over and have been a registered resident

for 3 years on Referendum Day, 14 September.


The Left Party (v), which is a socialist and feminist party, finds it natural to reject the decline in people’s situations that would result from EMU membership. Our opposition to EMU is a part of our political efforts to achieve good, sustainable living conditions and democratic rights.

These are goals that we have always pursued and will continue to strive for.


This is why we say ‘Yes’ to democracy, welfare and jobs.

And ‘No’ to EMU.

We’d like you to do the same.

You lose out on EMU

Vote ‘No’ on 14 September

Use your vote