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may 05

European Washout

European Constitution? No thanks! by Jan Marijnissen

EU Services Directive threat to housing

april 05

EU chemicals regulation under threat

European Commission and science research

march 05

Bush's diplomatic assault on Europe, by Walden Bello

The EU Constitution, and why it must be stopped

Huge demo against Bolkestein Directive

US Supports EU Constitution: What's the Surprise?

Emerging counter-terrorism regime in EU and G8

British trade unionists oppose EU Constitution

Europe's Illegal Nuclear Arsenal

february 05

The Brussels Lobby Youth

The Danish Elections

Not to EU Constitution, by Tobias Pflüger, MEP

Neoliberal EU treaty and French labour

A standing European army?

january 05

European Services Directive

december 04

Commission whistleblower and EU Constitution

EU Commission: Assault on workers' rights

European Union: Sham Democracy

Sinn Féin and language recognition

november 04

Ten years of EU fraud

EU divided over list of "safe countries of origin"

Barroso wins backing from European Parliament

The Bolkestein Draft Directive

Is European Division Really Over?

october 04

Turkey and the European Union

Transforming Europe into a Special Economic Zone

september 04

Massacre at Beslam

European Social Forum movement

The new wave of social protest in Germany

EU Constitution

Britain and Trade Union Rights

Politics of EU Constitution

august 04

European Economic Integration

EU - Mercosur Pact

Revolution Comes to the European Parliament

july 04

European Parliament: New Intake

The Balkan Problem Lives On

Far-Right and Euro Elections

Jan Marijnissen on EU

Should Portuguese MEPs vote yes to Barroso?

A Brief Guide to the European Economic Space

june 04

Nation State, Sovereignty and the European Union

Paul van Buitenen, Back in Brussels

Exposing the European Union

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