European Commission, a house-trained Trump




Spectre is sick and tired of being told that Brexit is Britain’s equivalent of  Trumpism and, being part of what has been called the ‘reality-based community’, would like to point out that the real equivalent of Trump, albeit a much more polite version, is the European Commission. Trump will spend the next four or eight years – perhaps even longer if he gets rid of all that democracy nonsense, or what’s left of it – attacking working people, the poor and migrants. The Commission has been doing just that, without bragging so much about it, since at least 1992, when the Maastricht Treaty made neoliberalism the official credo of the EU. It is now moving deeper and deeper into the sewer of racist immigration policies of the kind that Trump intends to introduce. See for yourself a few examples of this on Statewatch’s regularly updated Observatory on “The refugee crisis in the Med and inside the EU: a humanitarian emergency”.


Spectre will be expanding on this theme in the near future.