Far right raises money for refugees, though that’s not quite what they intended

On the initiative of the youth groups attached to the Dutch Socialist Party and the country’s Green Left party, an anti-Islam, anti-refugee  demonstration by the extreme right group Pegida was turned into a sponsored walk in aid of providing food and accommodation for asylum-seekers in the northern city of Groningen. Three hundred individuals, the local SP branch and the FNV national trade union federation sponsored the walkers. The more fascists turned up, the more money would go to the refugees. As it turned out, every demonstrator for hate was worth €105, with the total raised amounting to €3,680. So, Spectre readers being an intelligent bunch, you’ll have worked out that this means that for every nasty far right social inadequate on the demo, more than eight people contributed to solidarity with people who have arrived in the Netherlands because it wasn’t safe to stay in their own homes .