Free publications on climate politics, from The Corner House

Several new publications have been posted in the climate section on the website of radical left thinktank The Corner House

They include Carbon Trading: How It Works and Why It Fails by Tamra Gilbertson and Oscar Reyes, a book which "brings the climate markets story up to date"; Upsetting the Offset edited by Steffen Bohm and Siddhartha Dabha of the University of Essex, England, which features chapters on carbon offsetting by authors from Chile, Nigeria, Peru, Uruguay, the Philippines, Spain, South Africa, India, the UK, the US, Brazil, Italy, Portugal, Denmark and Canada; Commodity Fetishism in Climate Science and Policy, qan illustrated Corner House powerpoint presentation which uncovers the fetishism that pervades today's mainstream debate about climate change; Climate Change and 'Overpopulation', a short article which argues that population numbers offer no useful pointers toward policies that should be adopted to tackle climate change; and Carbon Markets: The Policy Reality, a brief contribution to the journal Global Social Policy which outlines why today's dominant 'solution' to climate change is not helping to overcome fossil fuel dependence.