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I. The crisis of European imperialist integration
The year 2011 (and as it seems today quite probably 2012 also) was marked by the crisis of one of the main international pillars of capitalism: the European Union (EU). What is usually described as a crisis of the Eurozone (strictly speaking the European Monetary Union – EMU) is in fact a crisis of the whole EU edifice system, of which EMU is its most avant-gardist structure.

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Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi sees conspiracies everywhere.

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While I was cursing the inane mainstream commentary on the global economy recently, I was reminded of a pivotal scene in the 1976 movie, All the President's Men.

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It is three years since the masters of the universe at Lehman Brothers went supernova. The financial crisis unleashed then has morphed around the world and shows no sign of abating.

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Wednesday October 12, Brussels

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It has been said that you can always spot a Marxist writer by the presence of sentences which, while containing two or more apparently unrelated facts, begin with the words, ‘it is no coincidence t

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 Nihilistic and feral teenagers” the Daily Mail called them: the crazy youths from all walks of life who raced around the streets mindlessly and desperately hurling bricks, stones and bottles

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Susan George interviewed by Nick Buxton of the Trans National Institute