Reaction of Two City Councils


Following his article earlier in the year alerting Spectre readers to the menace of aerosol spraying from aircraft. Wayne Hall sent us this update of developments.



Following the vote on 4th June by the city council of Aigina in Greece to take legal action against those responsible for what Greek press reports have characterized as dangerous aerosol spraying over Greece,  and  in the wake of the  public meeting of 16th July on the same subject organized by the magazine “Schedia sta Anoichta tis Aiginas”,  news came at the beginning of August of another city council, or at least city councillor, this time in the United States, taking a public stance against “chemtrails”.


Al Snow, a member of the city council of LaVerkin, a town of 3,500 residents in the state of Utah, has just published a book entitled “Chemtrails: Death in the Sky”, which alleges that military aircraft are spraying urban areas of the United States with aerosols containing barium.


Snow first became aware of the trails in the spring of 2001 when his wife, Laura, asked him if he had noticed the white trails in the sky that day.  While working outside for several weeks, she had apparently been watching numerous jet trails that “spread out and made one big cloud”.


“Since then,” says Snow. “I’ve been taking pictures on a daily basis and I keep a daily chemtrail tracking report with direction of the flights, number of jets and more.” 


Holder of a doctorate in nutrition, councillor Snow decided to embark on the programme of research that culminated in this, his second book (his first having been on the subject of the United Nations).


His initial investigations began with the Utah Dept of Air Quality. He telephoned their office in Salt Lake City and requested to speak with someone on the subject of chemtrails. According to Snow, the astonished woman on the other end of the line muffled the phone and asked the assistance of a man nearby. Snow says he overheard the man’s response: “You tell him there’s nothing you can do about it.”


From there Snow pursued answers from other government agencies in Denver and Washington D.C.  Their responses were: “We don’t get involved with those kinds of things.”

The lack of action from the government officials and agencies did not deter Snow from his quest.  He found correlating medical studies, equipment patents, military operations, laws and regulations, chemical compounds, and press articles.

Snow is a conservative American, who is more inclined to blame the United Nations than his own goverment for everything bad, including chemtrails. The La Verkin city council made history in 2001 when it became the first municipality in the United States to become a “United-Nations-free-zone”. Asked by a journalist from Utah’s KSL television if he thinks it is the United Nations that is doing the spraying, Snow replied: “I think they are, yeah. But I want people to think about it and make up their own minds.”


Whatever one thinks about Al Snow’s view of the United Nations, the UN, while denouncing the United States’ failure to support the Treaty of Kyoto, has said not a  word about the United States alternative “dynamic” approach to global warming, as embodied in the at least one of the ongoing programmes of chemtrail spraying.


It is moreover worth remembering that Gore Vidal, one of the strongest opponents of the Bush regime and an equally strong supporter of the United Nations, has said publicly he could see advantages in the United States withdrawing from the United Nations for a period.